Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cygnar: Storm Strider Part 4 (Strider Riders)

Spent some time last night painting up the stormsmith's that ride on the strider. They still need a little work and some clean up, but I am happy with how they are coming along. I have to figure out what I am going to do with the storm control device in the left hand of the first guy, and the machine controls of the second.

I was thinking more about these photos. I was not particularly impressed with them. So after posting them I went home and shot some new ones to replace them. The new ones turned out very close to the same. Then I thought maybe it was my paint job on these was just not upto my normal level. So I used the photos to find the places I didn't like and wanted to touch up. What I found was these models are tiny, on the scale of the Black 13 (if you know what I mean). The areas I wanted to fix were barely visible when I went to find it under my spectrum light. I did fix some of the things I found but I decided that maybe I zoomed in on them a bit too much. I decided looking at them under good light with out vision enhancement, they look fine.

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