Monday, November 7, 2011

Strider: Part 5 (Finish Line)

At long last my Storm Stider is painted. I have had it out for two or three games now under the generalship of Siege. I have been very happy with the results. I didn't think much of the secondary lightning bounces on paper but in game play they have been very effective.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cygnar: Storm Strider Part 4 (Strider Riders)

Spent some time last night painting up the stormsmith's that ride on the strider. They still need a little work and some clean up, but I am happy with how they are coming along. I have to figure out what I am going to do with the storm control device in the left hand of the first guy, and the machine controls of the second.

I was thinking more about these photos. I was not particularly impressed with them. So after posting them I went home and shot some new ones to replace them. The new ones turned out very close to the same. Then I thought maybe it was my paint job on these was just not upto my normal level. So I used the photos to find the places I didn't like and wanted to touch up. What I found was these models are tiny, on the scale of the Black 13 (if you know what I mean). The areas I wanted to fix were barely visible when I went to find it under my spectrum light. I did fix some of the things I found but I decided that maybe I zoomed in on them a bit too much. I decided looking at them under good light with out vision enhancement, they look fine.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cygnar: Storm Strider Part 3 (Solid base)

It has been awhile since I have posted an update for my strider. I have been working on the base as well as the top. Here is a quick update photo.

40k 2011 Tournament Lists

I have been asked by a number of people for a copy of the lists I used this tournament season. I happily give out my list to every opponent I play against so I guess there is no harm posting them here.

OFCC 2000pts

Astro 1500pts

Monday, October 10, 2011

Cygnar: Storm Strider Part 2 (One step at a time)

After a few solid painting sessions I have the base of the walker in a decent state to show work in progress. This model has a lot of surface area, it is coming along nicely. There is still a few clean up areas and highlighting to finish but overall I am happy with how it is shaping up. I need to work on the base next.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cygnar: Storm Strider Part 1 (assembly)

New project: Privateer Press, Cygnar, Battle Engine, Storm Strider.

I was super excited when I saw this model. I began what turned out to be the long process of filling, cleaning, pinning, sanding/file, and did I mention filling this model.

Out of the box there are the following pieces with notes about cleanup/pinning/green stuff:

1 120mm base (has front and side arc markers already on it)
--Minimal cleanup needed
4 Identical lower legs (plastic)
--Heavy trimming and cleanup of mold lines along the sides near edge rim.
--The foot pads were especially bad and 2 of 4 were a little warped, some of them needed careful flash removal. Where the foot pad connects to the main lower foot often had a miss aligned mold line that was impossible to fix nicely. I did my best to cut and fill with green stuff.
--Each foot has 8 lightning coil rings, 2 of 4 has heavy corrupted detail inside the rings, that was impossible to fix.
--Added one large pin to connect to upper leg segment per leg
4 Identical upper legs (metal)
--minor flashing to remove
--minor pitting on top of main gear joint that needed filling
1 leg assembly (plastic)
--Bottom had miss-aligned mold that needed heavy fill
--Added rare earth magnet so it could easily be transported in two pieces
1 large platform (metal)
--Very nice piece, needed minimal flash removal and minor file work to clean up sharp spots.
--Added one large pin to connect per leg to center piece
1 large electrical sphere (plastic)
--Very nice cast, unlike the lege the lightning coil sphere spots were very clean
--minor -- needed to saw off extra mold on bottom so it fit nicely into the platform piece.
2 Safety rails for crew (metal)
--Clean mold, added tiny pins to one of the two ends.
2 Crew members
(crew 1) 4 pieces (torso, arm 1, arm2, control plate) (all metal)
(crew 2) 1 piece (metal)

--All these metal pieces were clean, minimal flashing to remove. I added tiny pins to the arms of crew 1.
1 Top triple lightning coil (plastic)
--This piece needed a little work, it has miss aligned mold on bottom (where the sphere would be closest to. Had to fill and smooth a large chunk. Also needed some fill and file work on the top. Also had some bad holes on the first of the triple lightning coils, they had to be drilled out with one of my smallest bits to make it look clean. Also the bottom of this piece where it connects to the metal platform was a bit mangled and thus needed greenstuff fill to make it connect correctly and at an angle where it would not rest on the sphere.

Difficulty level and time investment to clean this model turned out to be much higher than I expected. It was not that it was hard to assemble, it was that there were so many pieces that needed a heavy time investment to remove mold lines. I was a little disappointed that I could not fix a few of the pieces completely to what the model "should be". A less picky player who is not planning on spending 20-50 hours painting this beast may not need to spend the time I did cleaning it up. I would always recommend pinning it to any one assembling this model.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Changing gears

For me the 40k tournament season is now finished. I almost always take at least a 3 month+ break from 40k. My cross training game of choice is Warmachie/Hoards.
Our club is participating in the Privateer Press slow grow campaign. Thus I am painting up models to go along with that. Since I already have completed most of the Cygnar box set, I decided to work on my swordknights and a new caster that I can swap in for week 3? could be 4. Anyway here is a preview of Siege.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Astronomi-con! 2011

Astro 2011 - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Draft - (OK it is now mostly complete, a few of the games were a little fuzzy most of the detail should be mostly accurate :)

Venue - This year the venue changed from the University of British Columbia dorms and event center to the Croatian Cultural Center in Vancouver BC. The new venue was nice, it had great AC and was a nice short walk from some great restaurants. I did however miss the suites that the UBC dorms had, I really go to know some of the other Astro players after hours and play card games in the common room in years past, I missed that part of the astro experience saying at the Days Inn this year.

As always the tournament organizers did a great job, they put on a great event that challenges every ones generalship skills, in a fun and relaxed environment. The composition rules were suspended for this years event, but there were very few net lists at the tournament. Those that were there seemed to have a hard time with some of the missions.

Painting: It always seems like some of the best looking armies show up to astro. I have a nicely painted army but I feel like I am playing with primed and three colors legal miniatures compared with some of the absolutely amazing work that I saw at astro this year.

Missions: At astro this year there were 18 tables, the tables each have a unique scenario on it they never change, as the players move from table to table they get a new mission based on where they play. This is one of the coolest part about Astro, and the missions are hard, they make you think and bend your army to the limit, you find your self as a general doing things you never would in a normal game, just to try and eak out a win.

Opponent - Matt Lau ?
Army - Eldar
Mission - Truck Convoy - Six Trucks, each with an objective, if the trucks explode (penetrating 6, objective also destroyed) These crates took two normal sized infantry to move them.
Victory conditions: Control Objectives
Results: Won 3:1
We had a crazy game, the trucks moved all over the place. They moved a random direction 3d6, on a hit, they zoom forward. They were moving usually 14-18 inches each turn tank shocking and running into everything. We had to keep marking them as moving fast so they would get their +4 cover save for moving more than 12”. I punished his reapers first turn, next a falcon, then a wave serpent along with a lot of swooping hawks, spiders decided to run off the board last turn from light shooting. He immobilized a tank, and wiped a 10 man squad with banshees. I thought he was a little out gunned and paid a lot of points for jump troops that didn't’ get a chance to do much. This left him with what I though was a low model count for a eldar army. Those of you who know me, know that I I can go on for hours about the flaws in the Eldar codex. I’ll spare you for now. By the end I had captured 3 crates to his one, or might have even been zero (don’t remember)

Game 2
Opponent - Alex Yuen
Army - Dark Eldar
Mission - Secret Supplies? - Had 5 movable supply crates - only got 2 units to start on the board, reserves start turn one on 5+.
Board: Large forest, a few obstacles. Each objective is worth 0,1,2 points rolled randomly [0 = 1] [1 = 2,3,4,5] [2 = 6] -> (At the end of the game) so you really don't know what you have, it could end up all being duds.
Victory conditions: Control Objectives
Results: Objectives Held 3:1, Then final values = Won 4:0
I didn’t fall for any of Alex’s distractions, I focused my fire power on the transports and clearing away from the objectives. The thunderfire devastated the huge beast pack popping 5 wound T3 models with str 6. Alex did have a big mishap when his Incubi crashed and lost all but one due to failed armor saves. This game was actually much closer than it seems by the final score, Alex held a crate that was already known to be worth 2 until the very last turn, when I assaulted him, and forced his HQ to drop it.

Game 3
Opponent - Lee Baxter
Army - Sisters of Battle
Dammunition - Heavy city fight terrain - 6 ammo crates objectives All buildings dangerous.
Victory conditions: Control Objectives
Board: very heavy terrain, very narrow streets between building, a rhino would barely fit.
Results: Lost 3:2
This game was actually very close, Lee grabbed 4 objectives first turn and started pulling them back to his zone, I ended up starting for objectives too slow (turn 2), I had a squad get stuck in a building for 2 full turns, trying to go down one Z level. It was difficult so I moved and ran for 2 turns and could not roll a single 3. Was frustrating, but oh well, that was the mission. I needed to be more aggressive for the ammo.

Game 4
Opponent - Mike Bondy
Army - Dark Angels
Mission: Sulfur Flats - Lots of flat difficult terrain (gave 6+ cover)
Board: Very well painted zuzzy rubber mat, very little LOS block
Victory conditions: Victory Points
Results: Won: Did not fully calculate points, he had 1 terminator left and I think 3 marines, I had most of my army I lost approximately 450 points, 10man TAC, a Thunderfire and a few minor damaged vehicles. Mike was a great sport, this mission really stuck it to him, his terminators had a really hard time moving around the board through all the difficult terrain, I was able to pop his landraider turn 2 and stay out of assault most of the game, the 2+ armor only lasted so long against relentless rounds of fire from the brotherhood.
Techmarine Fail #1 dies in 1 hit from terminator storm bolter fire, I was suspecting tech priest did not bring armor to this tournament.

Game 5
Opponent - Won best general - Jeff Everitt (I think?) - Great guy.
Army - Space Wolves
Mission- Field of Scream - giant dangerous field of mines
Board: Tank traps and mines all over the center of the board, all but the 6 inches around the edges. Yes, the whole board is Difficult and Dangerous! With no real LOS block on the board.
Victory conditions: Victory Points
Results: Won
The field of screams killed more than either of us. 43 total marines died to dangerous tests. Something like 28 of my opponent and 15 of mine. He had Three drop pods one of which weapon destroyed upon landing, he lost guys just for deploying (silly GW FAQ). It was a grind the whole game, very close the whole time, but in the end I had a few key breaks. Killing Arjack with mostly bolters before he could assault being one of them. The second being the last man standing from a 10 man TAC who happened to have a melta gun looking down at 9 grey hunters and a rune priest, makes the wise decision to take a desperate shot at the drop pod. Exploding it in a huge fire ball, wounding 8 hunters, killing 5. In the end I inflicted heavy shooting casualties to kill all but some long fangs in the backfield, I took heavy losses but had enough of a rag tag force left to eek out the victory.

Techmarine Fail #2 gun died first turn, Tech marine died right after that What does artificer armor do again?

Game 6

Opponent - Brady Pollock
Army - Grey Knights
Mission: Tomb Raider
Board: Special terrain (new this year) w/ Spinx, pyramid, two ruins and dangerous scarab beetle areas. Objectives had to be unlocked. By sacrificing firing and assault to search for treasure. Only found on a 6, additional squads helping gave +1 to the roll, psychers and techmarines gave a re-roll. there was a 5th objective in the center the oasis that did not need to be unlocked.
Victory conditions: Control Objectives
Results: Won 3:1
I took some casualties early, but was able to hang on and unlock the two objectives on my side of the board within the first 3 turns, Brady had unlocked one on his side. I was putting heavy fire into the other objective. Librarian made heroic use of Avenger (S:5 AP3 Flame Template) to melt a large group of GK’s in a nice tight formation. On the Final turn I rushed with a loaded razorback to claim the oasis.

Techmarine fail #3 dired first turn to a storm-bolter shot. Compliant registered to the Iron Hands about faulty armor.


The buzz at the end of the tournament was that I was near the top, a bunch of the guys from Kelowna had calculated battle points all tournament. I really wasn’t keeping track of much more than wins and losses. I thought for sure that Marshall Reeves had edged me out and was going to take the best over all. But when they announced that he got best sportsman, I had new hope.

I had 6 great games, 6 great opponents, I could not have asked for a better tournament. I was happy to have carefully traversed the ominous and often frustrating mission boards carefully this year and ended up at the top of the pile. I look forward to doing it all again next year.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

OFCC - Army final check

After months of slowly working on various projects. I pulled the whole army out and lined them up on the new display board. I walked through each unit making sure I had not left anything out. (I did find I was missing one arm for a TAC sergeant) This army looks very much like ones I have fielded in the past, however there is a surprising amount of newly painted units in it. I made a brief list:

-TAC - Meltagunner
-Predator Destructor, w/ LasCannon Sponsons
-Landspeeder Typhoon x2

-x3 TAC Sergeants - Newly magnetized arms (and weapon layouts)
-Dreadnaught(s) - Two pairs of twinlinked autocannon arms
-Rhino - Magnetic Dozer Blade, new driver
-Razorbacks -New Drivers Razorback(x2, ammo boxes, etc.
-Tanks/Dreads - misc bits for tanks, ammo boxes, purity seals, spotlights, smoke launchers, etc
(all those little extra bits that are cool but I just never before got around to adding them)
-Finally finished my objective marker tokens.
-Chaplain got a paint face lift, and magnetic melta bombs.
-Assault launcher front track covers for Landraider

Below are a few snap shots of new/modified upgrades to the army.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dispaly Board (Part 3)

It finally snowed last night on my display board. I took this pic this morning the snow is still a little wet, I am going to try not to touch it for another 24 hours. This time I tried to add a bit more texture to the snow, it seems to have worked.

All that is left is to pick up the name plate and apply it to the front.

Snow is made from:
1 part Elmer's glue
1 part baking soda
very small amounts of water to adjust consistency

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Display Board (Part II)

I primed and added the base color for the board last night, next step is the snow.

Monday, August 1, 2011

OFCC display board started

After 3 years using the same basic display board I have decided to upgrade to a slightly larger board with levels. All that is shown is the basic layout and levels. Pic's are not the best so it is a little hard to tell where the levels begin and end. But you get the general idea. will be glueing and "snowifying" over the next week. I havent taken individual updated pics of the pieces I am working on but the tank is finally looking close to finished and the second skimmer is nearing completion as well. Lots of new little bits added but only I will probably notice them.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Twisted Iron Industries

I purchased a handful of great wreck markers from They truly are exceptional, I have painted up the normal sided template. Below for your viewing pleasure.

Warmachine: Cygnar Archive

This post is beign re-purposed to show some of my older Cygnar painted models.


Test Model Sword Knight

Speeder Preview

I have mostly complete a landspeeder typhoon. Still have decals and final highlights on some colors to finish up.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

OFCC: Prepwork (tank update)

Had some time this week to work on my tank. It still needs a lot of work but its some progress. Here is an updated photo.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

OFCC - Prep work

Ok so I have been super lazy in the painting and modeling department. However there in nothing like OFCC coming in a few months to get me moving. I have a new project. Sure I had a predator tank before but it was always wimpy. I am really going all out this time. Part in thanks to some bits that I landed some years ago. Thanks Tony. They are finally getting some use.

I added the forgeworld extra armor kit. Magnetized the turret and sponsin, and the gunner for easy transport as well as future weapon swaps. It needs a little more work, some green stuff for holes, the gunners head an a few other small details, I have some bits to add, search light, smoke launchers, other fun odds and ends, then glue it all down, re-prime and paint.