Thursday, August 11, 2011

OFCC - Army final check

After months of slowly working on various projects. I pulled the whole army out and lined them up on the new display board. I walked through each unit making sure I had not left anything out. (I did find I was missing one arm for a TAC sergeant) This army looks very much like ones I have fielded in the past, however there is a surprising amount of newly painted units in it. I made a brief list:

-TAC - Meltagunner
-Predator Destructor, w/ LasCannon Sponsons
-Landspeeder Typhoon x2

-x3 TAC Sergeants - Newly magnetized arms (and weapon layouts)
-Dreadnaught(s) - Two pairs of twinlinked autocannon arms
-Rhino - Magnetic Dozer Blade, new driver
-Razorbacks -New Drivers Razorback(x2, ammo boxes, etc.
-Tanks/Dreads - misc bits for tanks, ammo boxes, purity seals, spotlights, smoke launchers, etc
(all those little extra bits that are cool but I just never before got around to adding them)
-Finally finished my objective marker tokens.
-Chaplain got a paint face lift, and magnetic melta bombs.
-Assault launcher front track covers for Landraider

Below are a few snap shots of new/modified upgrades to the army.

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