Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cygnar: Precursor Knights

With inspiration from a local circle player and vomkrieg, in regards to basing, I give you my newly painted Precursor Knights, complete with Cygnar script bases. These guys were really fun to paint up. I started with more of a stock (codex) precursor look, but decided it was way to bland, so I spiced them up a bit with blue and tan.


  1. Fantastic, I love them. I heard Precursor Knights really suck in the game though, so do yourself a favor and don't bring them to the tourney, k?

  2. These are looking really sharp, I love the blue and brown/gold it just breaks up the models and stops them from being dull. I'm currently painting some precursor knights as well, they are sitting on the table right now begging to be finished

  3. Vomkrieg, well if you want to try it out, that brown/gold is very easy to do. It is PP-BoneJack(GW-Bone White, though the colors are the same one covers one glazes) base coat. Then 50:50 GW-Desert Yellow and PP-Bonejack mix for the darker areas, next GW-Wash(Devlan Mud). After the wash I pulled it back out highlights with Bone Jack.

    1. Cheers for that, its a cool look and i may use it in future

      I'm going a different direction with my knights, for one i'm doing them with a yellow base (Gonna do all the morrow models with a yellow base)