Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons Prototype update 2

Have a few basic colors applies to the model as a color test.
Bolter is a stand in (puttied on for the photo)
The build what is really going on here.

  • Arms legs and chest - goal was the distinctive gold trim
  • Scarab and Gem work - goal add some scarabs and gems around. I feel it makes a good break up of the model and is unique and easy to green stuff them on. Also kind of using them as a replacement to purity seal.
  • Shoulderpads - Switching up to a more of a white trim, this is referenced in the book often in the descriptions.My white still is only one layer thus it looks crappy right now.
  • Backpack - Since this is a base of a chaos marine, I just cut down the chaos back pack. Putting the exhaust up was just to make them slightly different than standard marines.
  • Sash - My green stuff attempt at adding a little more flair to them like pic 2 below
  • Helmet - This was I think the key to the model. Will have a few variants moving forward but liked this look.

The primary goal was to try and match some of the existing art that is out there depicting the pre-heresy thousand sons.


  1. I think it work rather well, I like it better than the typical 'Egyptian head dress' we see on most. Well done I think

  2. Thanks, I was really trying to stay true to a lot of the GW Thousand Sons Art that is out there. I still feel it needs a lot of clean up and finish work, but was happy enough with it to give a sneak peak.