Monday, June 17, 2013

Eldar at the top of the paint queue

The time has finally arrived, after years of being on the shelf, passed by for other projects, The new Eldar codex has elevated in the painting queue a few projects I really have wanted to do for a long time. Here is a sneek peek at what I am working on. A full 10man squad of Dire Avengers and 4 custom built warp spiders. One didn't make the photo... it was actually my test model and has a really bad paint job that will be re-worked, into what became my actual spider standard paint job.

Cause I know some might be curious about the spiders, they are build from the second generation gaurdian plastics, combined with the metal spider exarch back pack. not really shown here they also have new custom spinners using the stock bit from metal flamer or fusion gaurdian gun, combined with half (cause the exarch has two) of the metal spider exarch's twin linked spinners. The spiders were actually modeled and assembled back before GW closed down their metal bitz service. This gives you a hint on how long they have actually been on the "shelf". If you have not seen the 6 spiders I have been running reciently, you'll just have to wait and watch these 3(4) develop. 

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